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Are you looking for an easy way to convert and play older devices without HDMI input to high-resolution HDMI screens? AVerMedia’s converter ET110 is the solution. Lightweight and convenient, it turns VGA into HDMI signals and requires no additional software installation. Just plug it in to use! Powered by USB 2.0, ET110 is the premiere choice as an HDMI connector. HDMI Compliant: Convert video signal from VGA cable into HDMI display with this converter. Real-time pass-through: Signals are displayed instantly without affecting broadcasting display speed. Plug and play: It’s easy to install this converter. Small, light, and portable, this converter can go wherever you go! Best of all, the converters function PC-free. High Compatibility: This converter can be used on a wide range of resolution. Features: – Functional style and convenient installation. – High-quality conversion technology and distortion-free image procession. – Give new life to old products. *Resolution is supported only when the timing meets VESA standards.

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